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7 Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure

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The following 7 step carpet cleaning procedure must be followed to clean a carpet properly

1. Pre Inspection 

Carpet Cleaning Procedure - Pre Inspection

‘Black Light’ used in pre inspection of carpets.

The most important phase of carpet cleaning is pre inspection

If you don’t know what you have to remove from the carpet

How are you going to know which products to use and the method to be employed?

Here I am inspecting a carpet for ‘pet stains’

This will also show any other spillages present

Pre Inspection is necessary to determine what carpet type you have … wool, synthetic, mixture etc

Knowing this helps decide which cleaning solution should be used

All fitted carpets must be inspected to determine whether they are going to shrink?

Advice must be given to the customer before cleaning commences

Knowing what stains are present helps the operator to use the correct removal agent

Advice should be given to customer of the likely results of stain removal

2. Vacuum 

Vacuum Carpet

Vacuum Carpet Cleaning

80% of dirt in a carpet is ‘Dry Soil’!

The best way to remove dry soil from carpets is to –

Use a ‘strong suction’ vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush to ‘beat’ the dirt up to the surface , before sucking it away.

Remember, vacuum in ‘North/South’ direction and then ‘East/West’ direction and

Upright vacuum cleaners only work when they are pulled towards you


3. Pre Treatment

4. Agitation

5. Clean & Rinse

6. Spot & Stain Removal

Urine Neutraliser

Pet Stain Odour Removal








7. Grooming

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