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Removing Tar From A Carpet

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  1. Maddy Pennock says:


    I have watched your video about removing tar from a carpet. I am not in your area to be able to ask you to do it for me! You mentioned two products; a gel and a neutraliser. Could you give me the details of those products please? I am trying to clean a rather large area which I suspect is a tar like substance brought in by my son who works on steam railways. It is probably a combination of a tar like substance, coal and some sort of oil. Would this product work on this in your opinion? Thanking you in anticipation! Maddy

  2. Ben Gribbon says:

    Hi, I’ve also just seen your video on tar removal, very impressive, but live in the North West. You mention a solvent gel, could I purchase one off you or is there a certain type I could look for myself as I’m looking to remove a tar type stain that has occurred through removing bitumen from some parquet floor blocks that have been walked into a carpet.



    • Mr-Jones says:

      Yes Ben, the product is called ‘citrus gel’ , manufactured by prochem. Contact your local janitorial supplies and they should be able to supply it?

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