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Do you have one of these problems …

  • You can’t see the pet stain but, you can still smell the odour
  • You’ve used Pet Stain Remover but, the smell is still there
  • You’ve hired a carpet cleaner but, the carpet still smells
  • You’re worried that the bacteria are affecting your health
  • You worry about the children playing on the carpet
  • You feel embarrassed when visitors come to you home
  • You want to change the carpet but, it’s too good to throw away
  • Your cat/dog is elderly and incontinent
  • You can’t find a solution to removing pet stain odours


Don’t Worry, These Are Problems Of The Past!

  • Pet stains are detectable using a ‘Black Light’
  • Urine neutraliser breaks down urine dyes
  • Powerful machines pull urine out of a carpet (without damage)
  • Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial, anti fungal solutions sanitise carpets
  • Thorough rinsing neutralises, leaving a fresh, healthy, clean carpet

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    Professional Pet Stain Remover – Carpet Cleaning Process …

    • Use ‘Black Light’ to detect Pet Stain Areas on carpet
    Pet Stain Remover Detecting

    Pet Stain Remover

    Using this ‘Black Light’ makes stains fluoresce – visible or not!

    Making detection of pet stains easy.

    Knowing where the stains are hiding makes removal of pet stains and odour easier.

    The ‘Black Light’ also shows other pet stain problems like, vomit, saliva etc

    The sooner a pet stain can be identified, the more chance there is of its removal.

    Leaving pet stains in carpet not only makes them harder to remove but, also provides a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens to grow, which is not good for your health

    • Apply Urine Neutraliser To Pet Stain Area
    Urine Neutraliser

    Applying Urine Neutraliser to Carpet

    When the pet stained area has been identified

    Apply Urine Neutraliser as soon as possible

    This gives you the greatest chance of removing the dyes from the carpet

    Urine neutraliser doesn’t remove the odour!

    Urine neutraliser tries to reverse the chemistry, making it easier to remove the dyes (usually yellow) from the carpet

    Leave the solution on the carpet for 10 – 15 minutes

    Giving plenty of time for the dyes to be broken down

    • Rinse Carpet of Urine Neutraliser
    Rinsing Pet Stain Remover

    Rinsing Urine Neutraliser from Carpet

    After the Urine Neutraliser has broken down the dyes present in the pet stain. These need to be rinsed out of the carpet

    The use of cold water and a wet pick up works very well

    Add water to dilute

    Then, use ‘wet pick up vacuum’ to remove stain

    Repeat process untill as much dye as possible has been removed

    After ‘stain removal’, odour and bacteria may still be present deep into pile

    Knowing how to remove deep down odour is key to pet stain removal

    • Pet Stain Odour Removal
    Odour Pet Stain Remover

    Removing Pet Stain Odour

    The next step in pet stain removal is to remove any odour.

    The carpets must also be sanitised to kill any bacteria, viruses, fungi and allergens.

    The sanitising solution is ‘poured’ onto the surface of the carpet and allowed to penetrate deep into the pile.

    The solution is allowed time to break down and kill any odours in the carpet.

    The sanitising solution is then rinsed out of the carpet.

    This process may need to be repeated many times to fully remove any odours.

    The use of an industrial vacuum, aids in removing deep down odours in carpet

    • Professionally Clean Rest of Carpet
    Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

    Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

    Following Pet Stain Removal, the whole carpet needs to be professionally cleaned.

    Whilst the carpet cleaning equipment is set up for pet stain removal

    You get the rest of the room carpet professionally cleaned at a reduced cost

    Savings of 50% are made, when you have the rest of the room cleaned

    Details of prices are outlined below …

    The Cost of Professional Pet Stain Removal …

    The cost of pet stain removal starts at just £30 (depending on number of areas)

    The cost of cleaning a normal size lounge carpet with ‘area discount’ is £45 but

    Book to have pet stain removal and carpet cleaning at the same time and you only pay £60

    (This price is for ‘pet stain removal’ and ‘average size’ room carpet cleaning to ‘visible areas’)

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