Pet Carpet Pre Cleaning Treatment

For People Who Have Pets (Dog/Cat)

FREE With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Safe and Friendly Pet Carpet Cleaning pre treatment to Remove Pet Odour and Stains

Pet Carpet Cleaning

Pet Odour Carpet Cleaning

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You love your pets – Dog, cat, rabbit etc and you want to …

  • Prevent your pets odour building up on the carpet
  • Remove your pets ‘wet dog’ smell from the carpet
  • Sanitise your carpets against bacteria build up

Watch this video for more information on pet carpet cleaning pre treatment

Unbeatable Pet Carpet Cleaning Offer …

  • Don’t pay unless you are 100% satisfied with the work
  • Free pet friendly carpet cleaning pre treatment
  • ‘Area discount rate’ on professional carpet cleaning
  • Free lifetime supply of professional stain remover
  • Free ‘overshoes’ with every clean
  • Free stain removal guide
  • Free furniture protection blocks

Pet pre cleaning sanitising treatment and professional carpet cleaning offer

(Average size lounge carpet 15′ x 12′)

Pre cleaning sanitising treatment (normally £15) FREE

Professional carpet cleaning (normally £70), 1/3rd off – £45

Pet sanitising pre treatment and professional carpet cleaning normally £85 – you pay £45

For more information on the benefits of sanitising carpets for pet owners.

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      What Is The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning And Pre Treatment?

      Carpet cleaning normally costs around £70 per room but …

      Have a carpet cleaned, when we’re ‘in your area’ to get 1/3rd off (£45)

      Better still, pay for one room of carpet cleaning and get another room cleaned free

      See more details at carpet cleaning prices page

      The cost of pet friendly carpet sanitising pre treatment is £15 per room

      Mention FBPO to get it FREE

      For more information on how to remove pet stains …

      Visit pet stain removal page

      Or ring me 029 2081 0692 with all your pet safe carpet cleaning enquiries