Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

The Expert Professional Carpet Cleaning Cardiff company, with

  1. 30 years experience and an unbeatable guarantee –

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      • How to remove common stains from carpets (watch video) – You benefit from many years experience perfecting the removal of stains such as red wine, coffee, tea, pet stains, oil, tar, chewing gum, chocolate, blue tack, food stains, vomit, blood, beer, shoe polish, sweets, urine, ice cream, soft drinks, glue, nail varnish, ink, felt pen, fruit juice and many other household stains
      • Carpet Cleaning Procedure (visit webpage) – Find out how a professional cleans a carpet properly. It’s not a case of turning up with a machine and any cleaning solution – as most other carpet cleaning companies do. You must first identify the carpet, evaluate what dirt/stains can be removed and use the appropriate solutions and methods to attain the best possible result. Knowing what solutions to use and how to use them, comes from many years experience!
      •  Carpet Cleaning Prices (visit webpage– Have your carpets cleaned when we’re ‘in your area’ to get huge discounts (¹/3rd off) – having more than one room of carpet cleaning, entitles you to having one room cleaned FREE . More information is on the website
      • Carpet Protection (Scotchgard™) (watch video)– All carpets should have carpet protection applied after cleaning. The 3 main benefits are 1) Carpet protection prevents wear, prolonging the life of your carpet 2) Carpet protection helps prevents spills turning into permanent stains 3) Carpet protection makes regular vacuuming easier, as dirt does not get trapped in the fibres

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        "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"
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        1. Great idea!. Thank you for sharing, those videos are very helpful and it’s easy to understand. Carpet cleaning is a very hard to do.. You need, focus, knowledge, and skill.

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